Ford Racing Hood & Accessories

There is no doubt that a car's appearance can do a lot in order to make a sale. Moreover, for those car owners who are very particular about the kind of image they project, having a car with a great looking exterior is a big bonus. There are many features and parts that contribute to the excellent appearance of a vehicle but one of the most noticeable is the hood. This is the most noticeable because of its location as it is positioned at the front-most portion of any vehicle. In most countries the term hood is most preferred but in some it is referred to as bonnet.

The hood serves as another door to the vehicle as it covers the engine components of all front-engine vehicles. You will see that the hood usually takes the form of a very simple design. It is made up of an outer panel and an inner panel. The outer panel is the metal part that you see on top. As the name implies the inner panel is located underneath that provides strength to the whole assembly. Most of the hoods being produced nowadays come with built-in scoops that are made either of fiberglass, carbon fiber or steel. With these quality materials, hoods can really last long. But there are also factors that can do harm to the car hood like corrosion and collision.

Definitely you will not want to drive around with a wrecked hood, replacement is a must. Ford Racing is one of the most reliable manufacturers of car hoods for whatever make or model. A Ford Racing hood selection is available here at Parts Train. Take your time browsing through our catalog and for sure you will also find other Ford Racing car parts and accessories that you can use in the future. Reliable customer service personnel are always online to give assistance if there is anything you require.