Ford Racing Exhaust System & Accessories

All cars on the road can never operate efficiently without the presence of the exhaust system. This part of the vehicle is the one that is accountable for getting rid of the waste gases produced by the engine during the combustion process. These exhaust gases are the result of the burnt fuel and air mixture and these contains harmful substances like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide. These substances when inhaled by humans can cause health problems, thus must be disposed of properly. And this is exactly the role of the exhaust system.

Like all exhaust systems being used these days, the Ford Racing exhaust system is composed of several components that all help in the efficient disposal of the waste gases. Some of the parts that comprise the exhaust are the catalytic converter, exhaust gaskets, exhaust headers or manifolds and the muffler. Each of them have their own roles to play but are still interdependent in the achievement of their own specific purpose. The catalytic converter is that part that is in charge of converting the harmful chemicals into lesser dangerous substance. A certain catalyst is used in order to achieve this purpose. The gasket seals off the joints so that the gases will not escape and just proceed to their proper route. The exhaust manifold or header on the other hand collects the gases from the various cylinders and direct it into a single pipe. You may be unaware of it but the engine produces lots of noise during combustion. Reducing this noise is the job of the muffler. When any of these exhaust system parts becomes damaged a great change in the car's overall performance can be felt.

Do not think twice about replacing any of the damaged part. The Ford Racing exhaust system parts can be your great option when the time for replacement comes.