Ford Racing Clutch Kit & Accessories

Almost all drivers and owners on the road prefer a manual transmission rather that the automatic transmission because it gives them more control and handling capability over their car and this allows them to save more on their fuel. But then, a good and quality clutch is badly needed to go with that want. Clutch in your car is considered as a subcomponent in the manual transmission of your car that employs and unemploys the engine of your car to the gear box and transfers the torque to the transmission system of your car in split seconds.

A clutch or the clutch kit especially the Ford Racing Clutch Kit in your car comes with it a quality clutch disc or also called as clutch friction disc and especially the clutch pressure plate; even though some of these clutch kits have pilot bushings or pilot bearings in them. The pressure plate in the clutch kit of your car contains or holds a clutch plate, springs, cover and release fingers. Of these two types of plate that is used in your car, the diaphragm type is more widely used that spring type pressure plate because of its benefits in the car and especially in it's over all performance on the road. On the other hand, the clutch disc is a metal disc on your car that directs the flow of the power and force between the engine and the transmission system of your car with the help of the pressure plate and the flywheel in your car.

Regularly maintaining and checking up on this components in your car and all the other parts and accessories is a must to make sure that it will fully perform its task well on your car. Wide selection of these parts and the other parts and components in your car are available on the market and all online shops for your convenience.