Flexalite Transmission Oil Cooler & Accessories

The key to an extended transmission life is keeping the fluid fresh, clean and most importantly, the transmission fluid should always be kept cool. When the transmission fluid goes over the maximum temperature operating range which is 160 Fahrenheit to 200 Fahrenheit, the transmission would probably begin to break down. This will decrease the life of the fluid since the high temperature robs the transmission fluid of its efficiency, then eventually it would cause the seals to deteriorate rapidly, as well as the bearings and all of the moving components of the vehicle. The employment of a Flexalite transmission oil cooler would be the best solution to this type of problem.

With the Flexalite transmission oil cooler, you can be able to enjoy the extended life of the transmission system and you can put more food on the table instead of spending your money on costly repairs because of the damage caused by the inefficient oil cooler resulting to the overheating of the transmission fluid. The effective craftsmanship of the Flexalite transmission oil cooler manufactured by Flexalite will definitely help in improving the vehicle cooling system's entire performance. The Flexalite transmission oil coolers are sure to be high grade products because they are made from high quality materials and the hi-tech facilities that were used in the production process.

Keep the transmission oil cool so as to preserve its efficiency, thus enable better performance. This can be easily achieved with the help of the Flexalite transmission oil cooler, which you can get at affordable prices here at Parts Train. Parts Train is one of the most dependable auto parts and accessories store which carries the Flexalite products. We have an online catalog that you can use in locating the exact products that you need so its online ordering for you at your most convenient time.