Flexalite Fan Clutch & Accessories

The radiator needs the help of the automotive fan for it to carry out the task of cooling the engine system efficiently. And for the automotive fan to function efficiently, a fan clutch is employed on it. The fan clutch ensures that the automotive fan will rotate at a proper speed so as to avoid the overheating of the engine and it also controls the fan in decreasing its drive when it is no longer needed. If the temperature of the air that comes through the radiator gets higher and higher, the heat controls a bimetal coil spring to expand or uncoil. As the bimetal coil spring expands, it lets in enough oil to incorporate into the fluid coupling before the fan starts to spin.

The effective design of the air cooling auto parts which are manufactured by Flexalite upgrades the entire performance of the cooling system of the vehicle. The Flexalite product users are assured of the quality of the Flexalite products due to the high grade materials that are used for the manufacturing of the product plus the advanced equipment used in the production process. The Flexalite fan clutch controls the performance of the Flexalite fan. The Flexalite fan clutches are available in 2 series, the 5200 series, which is a non-thermal fan clutch and the 5600 series which is a heavy duty thermal fan clutch. The 5200 series can be able to lessen the fan drag while the 5600 series is crafted for use on heavy duty vehicles.

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