Flexalite Engine Oil Cooler & Accessories

Though the engine of the vehicle is designed to operate at a high temperature, it shouldn't be kept on a high temperature constantly; otherwise, it will break down. This is why the engine cooling system plays a vital role in keeping the engine and its components cool. The cooling system is the one accountable for keeping the engine system and all of its components cool. Having an inefficient cooling system or going without the cooling system, the engine will most likely overheat all of the time. It isn't a secret that the engine also needs oil for its components to run smoothly. The engine oil serves as a lubricant for the almost all metal parts of the engine.

But the engine oil does not only serve the purpose of lubricating the metal-moving components under the hood. It also serves a purpose of cooling the crankshaft, the rods and the pistons of the engine. The bottom part of the engine solely relies on the engine oil for cooling, since the engine cooling system would not be able to reach them. And for this reason, maintaining the right oil temperature is crucial for the performance and the longevity of the engine. The latest of the modern engines on the modern vehicles are much smaller compared to the older versions, they run at a higher RPM rates and they produce more heat, unlike the older engines so maintaining the right oil temperature is very important.

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