Flennor Car Parts & Accessories

All your DIY efforts will be for naught if you don't get quality parts to use in every project. With Flennor parts, however, you get reliable replacement components that are guaranteed to provide exceptional service for a long, long time. Belts, glow plugs, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, idler pulleys, sensors-all these are part of the extensive range of automotive parts manufactured by this brand.

The products that come from Flennor are all made to suit original equipment specifications, so you can expect total reliability and compatibility out of each one. These parts comply with strict manufacturing standards and are guaranteed to match the quality and fit of stock counterparts. You can rely on these components to provide quality and performance comparable to more expensive spare parts out on the market without costing as much. Each unit is manufactured out of the toughest materials to ensure long service life, and you are assured of fresh parts that can withstand extended periods of use and abuse.

Flennor products also come with added insurance for consumers, in the form of warranties that cover as long as 12 months or as much as 12,000 miles. This helps DIY mechanics recoup in the event of premature failure and protects car owners in case they pull defective or damaged components out of the box. With this, each purchase comes with great value and security.

Restoring the function of failed parts in your ride starts with quality replacement parts, and you can get those from Flennor. Parts Train is here to provide for your needs if you require options from this manufacturer. We stock quality parts and accessories for nearly all applications, so you'll surely find what you need in our online catalog. What's more, you're in for big savings when you shop with us because all of the items we have come with affordable price tags that will go easy on your budget. We even have a price-match offer in place to ensure that you get only the best deals. Just get back to us if you see your item sold elsewhere for a cheaper price and we'll give you a matching offer.