Firestone Air Leveling Kit & Accessories

The suspension system of a vehicle plays one of most important roles in the entire performance of the vehicle. It has two main functions which are to provide comfort for the occupants of the vehicle and to provide a safer ride through the improved handling and braking. The vehicle's suspension system is composed of several different components, in which the spring is included. The spring functions as the absorber of impacts caused by different forces that hit the vehicle. There are actually different types of springs that are being used and each of them has a unique way of absorbing shock. These springs greatly help in improving the performance of the vehicle. But what will help these springs to perform better? The Firestone air leveling kit can surely do wonders.

The Firestone air leveling kit will provide a better control of the air helper springs easily. It is an excellent aid in improving the steering and the braking of the vehicle. This also provides an even inflation on both the driver's and passenger's side as it levels the vehicle. The Firestone air leveling kit includes everything you need in leveling the vehicle such as a heavy duty compressor, an electric or pneumatic switch, a single black face gauge, all of which will contribute in providing even inflation for both of the springs.

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