Fidanza Flywheel & Accessories

Power, durability, and reliability. These are just some things that motorists look for in an automobile. To get all three, your car needs the parts that have such features. When it comes to quality flywheels, you shouldn't just put your money on low-quality ones since they may not give the power, durability, and reliability you need. If you want a flywheel assembly that can give you all those three qualities and more, then the Fidanza Flywheel is the one for you.

The Fidanza Flywheel is made from hardwearing high-grade aluminum materials and comes with a tough steel friction surface attached with military-grade aerospace fasteners. For maximum durability, this flywheel also incorporates a heat-treated steel ring gear secured with grade 8 button screws. These materials are made to withstand even the roughest driving methods and the most radical engine types. But despite its ultra-durable assembly, it is also constructed with reduced mass. This construction promotes better acceleration and increased horsepower to the wheels. Fidanza also has steel flywheels for better durability and performance.

In terms of reliability, the Fidanza Flywheel comes out on top. It has stepped dowels to ensure that the pressure plates cannot be removed after they are installed. It also features materials that are ideal for heat dissipation and weight reduction. In addition, this flywheel allows for a sharper and crisper throttle response and easier downshifting. With all these features, you know you can't go wrong if you have a Fidanza Flywheel in your car's transmission.

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