Fidanza Flex Plate & Accessories

When it comes to your automatic transmission, a flex plate is definitely a must-have. It transfers or couples the engine to the transmission. But just like any other component, the flex plate is subject to wear and tear. A busted flex plate will compromise the transfer of engine torque to the transmission. So, before that happens, have it replaced immediately. For the best replacement, get the Fidanza Flex Plate.

The Fidanza Flex Plate is built for maximum strength and durability. This flex plate is made from high-tensile steel that is milled to be thicker than original plates by .030 inch. This sturdy design allows the flex plate to have great strength while still maintaining its required flex movement even when the torque converter balloons due to excessive pressure. In addition, its ring gears are heat-treated and attached with double-welds on both sides. With this sturdy design, you can be sure that the flex plate will hold up for a long time.

When it comes to flywheels and flex plates, very few manufacturers can match the quality of Fidanza products. The company manufactures high-performance products for performance enthusiasts and fanatics. Just like the Fidanza Flex Plate, all its products are designed to meet and even exceed your expectations. It doesn't matter if your automobile is geared for the highway or for the racetrack; Fidanza products surely won't disappoint.

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