Fidanza Clutch Kit & Accessories

For most driving enthusiasts, driving a stick shift is definitely a joy. It's not just the responsive shifting and the quick rev up they achieve; it is also the feeling that you have control over your powerful machine. But driving a stick with a defective clutch can be a letdown. Changing gears can really be a hassle when using an old and worn-out clutch. When that happens, make sure you have it checked and replaced immediately. And when you're going to have it replaced, why not get an upgrade as well? Get a clutch kit that raises the level of your clutch; get the Fidanza Clutch Kit.

The Fidanza Clutch Kit is designed for peak performance. Its pads are made from sintered iron for superior durability. This clutch kit also comes with ceramic buttons to deliver a strong grip upon engagement. It doesn't even matter if your automobile runs on 300 horsepower, you can be sure this clutch kit will still hold up. All this holding power does not mean that drivability is lost since the feel of the pedal is virtually unchanged and engagement remains smooth. Not to mention that it comes complete with a throw-out bearing and an alignment tool. These enable you to position the clutch disc perfectly, making installation a lot easier.

Fidanza is the one of the premier manufacturers of clutch kits in the automotive market. Its products like the Fidanza Clutch Kit are designed to meet and even exceed your expectations. Whether you are in search for flywheels components, clutches, or cam gears for your performance automobile, Fidanza is the brand you can trust.

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