Fidanza Camshaft Gear & Accessories

Being an auto enthusiast, you should know that the camshaft is a vital part of your vehicle. Without it, your car won't run properly. The camshaft determines the timing of the valves which result in the production of horsepower and the improvement of fuel economy. If you want your cam to perform efficiently, you shouldn't just settle for stock camshaft components especially the camshaft gear. What you need is something that can increase your car's horsepower and torque. That's where the Fidanza Camshaft Gear comes in.

The Fidanza Camshaft Gear is made from 6061 T6 billet aluminum materials for excellent durability. It is Computer Numerical Controlled-machined for more exact tolerances than original cam gears. Its outer gear is anodized as it comes with stainless steel studs for more strength and precision. In addition, this camshaft gear drive is precisely tuned in 12 increments of laser etched advanced and retard adjustments. These specifications assure you proper and flexible tuning.

This camshaft gear drive also comes with beveled tooth edges for longer belt life. While its outer gear is equipped with studs, the Fidanza Camshaft Gear's inner gear is fastened with stainless steel nuts and lock washers. These can add more torque without the risk of stretching the aluminum threads. In addition, all chain drive gears have a 1050 steel outer spocket. Talk about a complete package! As you can see, the Fidanza Camshaft Gear has it all.

You can't find a camshaft gear this sturdy or as multi-functional in your local auto shops and market retailers. Fortunately, Parts Train has this part for you at a price that's just right for your budget. We offer the Fidanza Camshaft Gear in silver, red, and blue finishes. To order, simply browse through our easy-to-use online catalog. Indicate your vehicle make, model, and year to access our collection of these camshaft gears and other Fidanza products. So what are you waiting for? Improve your vehicle's valve movement and enhance its horsepower and torque. Find the perfect match for your vehicle; purchase the Fidanza Camshaft Gear only here at Parts Train.