Fidanza Axle Assembly & Accessories

One of your car's major parts is the axle assembly. If this component gets worn out, there may be some misplaced transfer of rotational force to the wheels. Not to mention, the vehicle's weight and balance would also be affected. So if that happens, make sure you have a suitable replacement—the Fidanza Axle Assembly.

The Fidanza Axle Assembly is designed for optimum strength and performance. It is designed to work best even on vehicles with up to 300 horsepower. Each CV axle has strong chromemoly outer joints that are 30 percent stronger than stock joints. It also incorporates a high-tensile steel center tube which is also 30 percent thicker than standard tubes. In addition, this axle assembly comes with thick and rugged boots that have a high-temperature and high-pressure synthetic grease, which helps keep the CV joints lubricated. Each axle assembly from Fidanza also includes an anti-lock brake system ring for compatibility with vehicles that have ABS.

Worried about installation? Don't be! This axle assembly installs in your car's factory axle hubs. To cap it off, Fidanza uses a larger bearing design inside the axles to prevent failure. With all its features, junking those worn out axle assemblies for a Fidanza Axle Assembly should be a no-brainer. Furthermore, you get the guarantee of reliability because Fidanza is a leading supplier of premium-grade performance products, from flywheels to CV shafts.

You can easily purchase this axle assembly at a store where online shopping is easy and affordable—Parts Train. Our site provides a wide variety of car replacement parts, including axle assemblies, at a price that's right for your budget. To order, simply browse through our online catalog, place your order, and we'll have it delivered straight to your doorstep. Purchase the Fidanza Axle Assembly from us today and ensure long-lasting strength and performance from your shaft axles.