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A car is a mechanical work of art. Underneath the sleek lines and glossy paint are numerous gears in the clutch assembly that turn to drive the car forward or backward. Just like any other part of your car, gears wear out eventually. Worn-out gears usually cause loss of power and poor fuel economy. Although made to last, clutch parts should be checked or replaced as soon as a big loss of power is noticed or when things start rattling inside the clutch assembly. When you don't know where to turn, consult Fidanza.

Fidanza makes some of the best clutch parts and flywheels in the automotive industry. The company has been in the business of providing quality clutch parts to various clients all over the world. It manufactures aluminum and steel flywheels, both outfitted for different applications. Aluminum flywheels weigh less and are great for racing, while steel flywheels are ultra-strong and are more suitable for off-road or hauling purposes. Fidanza also has quality clutch kits that are offered in four different levels, each made for different applications as well-a "mild" package for street driving up to a "wild" package for racing.

Each clutch kit and flywheel that the company makes is a result of its huge investments in research and development. This manufacturer works closely with highly qualified engineers in designing its products. All company products are subjected to real world tests to ensure utmost performance and reliability. If your clutch needs to be replaced, remove the old clutch parts and flywheel and have them replaced with a new set. Driving your car with a damaged clutch will only lead to costlier damage. Replacements and upgrades from Fidanza are just a click away at Parts Train.

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