Ferodo Car Parts & Accessories

If you can't stop or slow down your car, then you're in big trouble. In fact, it's not just you in danger, but also the other drivers on the road as well as innocent bystanders. Don't let damaged braking components hamper the performance of your braking system-when you notice something's wrong, find the cause and replace the affected part as soon as you can. Shopping for reliable braking system components? Ferodo is the brand for you.

As part of the Federal-Mogul group of auto part manufacturers, Ferodo manufactures top-of-the-line brake pad sets and parking brake shoes for a wide variety of applications. The company even produces brake pads for high-performance racing requirements, such as the line made from a proprietary heavy-duty material called DSUNO that has already proven itself in GT, rally, and touring car competitions. Brake fluid is also another fixture of the company's product line.

Over 11 decades of manufacturing experience and technical know-how go into every item produced by Ferodo. The company not only supplies OEM brake system components for various automakers, it also makes brake parts for motorcycles and buses. You can certainly count on these products because they have been made with total safety in mind, and they will give you a long service life. On top of that, each item from the company is backed by a long-term limited warranty, so you're safe from defective brake pads or substandard brake shoes. With Ferodo parts in your braking system, you can be sure that you can stop on a dime anytime, keeping you and other people safe and sound on the road.

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