Fabtech Shocks & Accessories

Shocks or also called as shock absorbers is one of the most crucial components in your car especially in the suspension system. The shock absorbers like the Fabtech shocks are especially made and manufactured to help soak up the up and down impact or force that is produced by the springs of your car whenever it hits a bump on the road. And aside from absorbing all the impact, these shocks also keep your car easily maneuverable even after a bumpy drive on the road. The absence of these shock absorbers would definitely result to a bouncing ride on the road as the energy is stored in the spring of your car and then released to the vehicle. This kind of scenario will really be a very uncomfortable one for all the vehicle occupants, totally withdrawing the great pleasure of the drive.

Most of these shocks or the spring-based shocks on most modern cars on the road employ coil springs or leaf springs, though torsion bars can be used in torsional shocks as well. A spring that composes the shocks is not the actual shocks, as they only store and does not distribute or absorb the energy. Most of the modern cars on the road nowadays commonly use both of the springs or torsion bar in your car along with the hydraulic shock absorbers to function properly. With this set up on your car, the shock absorber is then reversed specifically for the hydraulic piston that takes in the vibration of your car.

Nowadays, almost all produced shock absorbers are fitted with the velocity hydraulic damping device that provides increase speed in the movement of the suspension. In looking for a Fabtech shock replacement there is no other place to be than Parts Train. The products included in our catalog are high quality and are provided at customer-friendly prices.