Fabtech Control Arm & Accessories

Excellent manageability and drivability are qualities that many car owners aim to achieve in their ride. Many components and system need to be involved in order to achieve this goal. The suspension system in particular is directly involved in making your car work effectively and efficiently. And as a system, the suspension has several elements working within it to give the car the drivability expected of it, one of them is the control arm. By mere appearance, the control arms in general appear like a bar that carries pivots on both ends. The Fabtech control arm that can be found in the market today looks exactly like this, containing pivot at both ends. Your car has several of these control arms, including the upper control arm and the lower control arm of your car, which are arranged to form a letter A.

These control arms join together the suspension components to the chassis and administer the movement of the wheels so that its motion will be in tune with the overall motion of the vehicle's body. This control arm in your car typically works with the help of bushings or cylindrical linings that help in reducing the friction. This also holds down the control arm from going on its wayward motions. By having restrained motions you will be able to enjoy the ride more, nothing but smooth drive through and through. With the help of this control arm in your car, you will surely have a comfortable and worry free ride on the road ahead.

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