Fabtech Axle Assembly & Accessories

An indispensable part in the vehicle's drive train, the axle assembly aids in making your vehicle move in the direction that you intend it to go to. If a grinding noise can be heard, most probably there is something wrong with your vehicle's axle assembly. If the damage is irreparable, do not wait for it to fall apart, replace it with an all new Fabtech axle assembly. The axle assembly is basically comprised of a number of different parts like the axle shaft, the contact velocity or CV joint, the U joint and the CV joint boot. It is also possible to replace the parts individually but it is ideal to replace the entire assembly since it would be more convenient.

When you install a Fabtech axle assembly, you will know for sure that you will not find any contaminants within the seals. The Fabtech axle assembly are greased and packed appropriately and every component included in it is new. The cost of replacing the entire assembly is not far compared to the costs of replacing the parts individually when summed up so why not replace it all together rather than going under the vehicle repeatedly. If there comes a time that you need to replace the axle assembly, replace it with quality Fabtech axle assembly. Once installed of course you need to maintain it regularly and properly.

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