FTE Car Parts & Accessories

Like all mechanical components, braking system and clutch parts eventually wear out, get damaged, or fail completely after years of constant use. When that happens, you have to order quality replacement parts for the affected ones. Well, we've got some good news for you: if you're in the market for reliable braking or clutch components, FTE has some solutions for your problems.

FTE services both the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket segments, with several thousands of auto parts made available for over 16,000 vehicle applications, made available to 500 trade partners in 90 countries. Brake parts, including drum brakes and brake boosters, combine with top-of-the-line clutch system parts such as master cylinders, clutch servos, slave cylinders, and peak torque limiters to make up the FTE portfolio. These spare parts are designed to provide long-lasting service, high quality, and reliable function. What's more, the company is deeply committed to making their brake parts as safe and as reliable as possible so that accidents can be prevented.

Each item produced by the company is geared toward promoting total comfort and safety while enhancing the driving pleasure of every car owner. FTE parts are manufactured with precision using advanced technology and equipment, and they all undergo thorough testing so that consumers will be able to buy with confidence knowing that their replacement parts are safe, durable, and made to match or exceed the quality of stock components. With the company's limited warranty backing each part, those who avail of these parts also get added protection against defects and premature failure.

Only one online auto parts store can offer you a complete selection of FTE brake and clutch parts, and that's Parts Train. You can count on us to provide you with high-quality products that are guaranteed to last long and provide excellent service. In addition, you can purchase these options at the lowest prices on the Web when you order from us. This is our way of helping consumers get the most value for their hard-earned cash. We'll even match the prices from other online stores if you see an item you want that's cheaper elsewhere. We've got what you need-and more-right here, and they can be yours at wallet-friendly rates.