Extang Tonneau Cover & Accessories

The bed of the truck gives many benefits, like storage for the cargo. But storing cargo on the truck's bed during a bad weather day can damage the cargo. When this kind of problem arises, the Extang tonneau cover would be the best solution. Extang offers a wide array of tonneau covers that cover up the entire truck bed. Extang is one of the top notch manufacturers of tonneau covers and other useful pickup accessories. Since it covers all of the truck bed the tonneau covers offer a more secure storage space for the cargo. There are actually two types of tonneau covers, the soft vinyl covers and the hard vinyl covers.

Extang has been able to manufacture different tonneau covers that would fit the different applications of trucks and also the needs of the vehicle owner. The latest tonneau covers from Extang is the Express Tonno, which features a roll-up design that makes it all the more simple to use. The Express Tonno connects to the heavy duty side rails of the truck so it provides a much easier installation process and also heightens the security feature. One other product of Extang is the Trifecta tonneau cover which is also easy to assemble due to its trifold style. The 45 degree metal corner brackets, rails and I-beam style monster bows are extremely durable.

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