Exedy Throwout Bearing & Accessories

A commonly known symptom of a worn out throw-out bearing is a growling or whirring sound when applying force on the clutch pedal, which then goes away when the pedal is released. The premature wearing of the throw-out bearing occurs when there is an insufficient clutch play. When this occurs, the throw-out bearing goes on a constant spinning binge. If the bearing malfunctions, it may stop and wear the fingers of the pressure plate quickly. When comes time to replace the old throw out bearings, one recommended replacement would be an Exedy throw-out bearing. The Exedy throw-out bearing is one of the best OEM replacement solutions ever that is widely available in the market.

The throw-out bearing or sometimes called the clutch release bearing can be found between the pressure plate fingers and the clutch fork. The throw-out bearing only works when the clutch pedal is depressed; it is actually crafted to be running constantly. As the driver applies force on the clutch pedal, the throw out bearing in turn applies force to the fingers of the rotating pressure plate to release the clutch. When the pedal is released, the bearing sits idly and does not come in contact with fingers of the pressure plate. The throw-out bearing is an indispensable part of the vehicle so it needs to be maintained properly.

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