Exedy Pressure Plate & Accessories

Basically, the pressure plate is comprised of a clutch plate, springs, cover and release finger. This subassembly is bolted to the flywheel, with the clutch disc in between them. Though there are two types of pressure plates, the spring type and the diaphragm type, the latter is the one more commonly used. This component of the vehicle applies pressure to the clutch disc so as to transmit the torque to the transmission. When coupled with the flywheel and the clutch disc, the pressure plate make and break the flow of the power coming from the engine going to the transmission.

Exedy has been in the business of manufacturing pressure plates as well as other components for the transmission and steering systems of the vehicle for years now and they have built a reputation so high that they are regarded all throughout the world. The Exedy pressure plates are ensured to be very tough and dependable. The component goes through a rigorous testing procedure so as to ensure that it will really work before it goes out in the market. There are various Exedy pressure plates available in the market today that will fit right in your ride if you just choose the suitable one.

One of the most common symptoms that will indicate a worn out pressure plate and other transmission components is the chattering of the clutch. If this happens, have the components checked so as to prevent further damage. Replace the worn out pressure plate with a high quality Exedy pressure plates that can be provided by us, Parts Train. Parts Train offers and extensive line of Exedy products and the Exedy pressure plate is included in it. We are one of the most reputable dealerships that carry the Exedy products and at prices that fits the budget. Order your Exedy pressure plate part here at Parts Train today.