Exedy Flywheel & Accessories

Lessen the weight and boost the performance of your vehicle with the Exedy flywheel. The Exedy flywheels are lighter in weight than the average flywheel of a vehicle. Plus you can have an additional performance most especially when installed with a performance clutch kit. One brand that you can trust when it comes to durable and reliable flywheels, the Exedy flywheels will be able serve you best. They are built from premium quality materials so as to keep up with the existing high reputation of the Exedy products. The Exedy flywheels as well as all Exedy products undergo strict quality measures.

Basically, a flywheel is a dense rotating disc which is used as a storage device for kinetic energy. The flywheels normally resist the alterations in their rotational speed, which aids in stabilizing the rotation of the shaft when an uneven torque is being exerted on it by the engine or during a time when the load placed on it is intermittent. The rotating flywheel reacts to any momentum that changes the direction of its axis of rotation by a resulting rotation. Through the flywheel your vehicle will be able to deliver force needed by the wheels.

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