Exedy Clutch & Accessories

Exedy is one of the undisputed leaders when it comes to performance sports and racing clutches. Their pursuit of perfection and the safety assurance underlie their famous quality and reliability. So if you are planning to invest on the best for your vehicle, include the Exedy clutch on your list. Exedy offers a long line of quality products that are sure to be effective in leveling up the performance that you can get out of your vehicle. Their advanced engineering and patented innovations have put their name on top amongst the leading OEM manufacturers of clutches in the world. The Exedy brand of clutches is known all throughout the world.

Exedy manufactures different types of clutch which will fit different makes and models of vehicles. One of them is the Exedy organic clutch which uses organic friction materials made from only the quality substances for it to provide maximum resistance to slippage and breaking out. It can also handle modified engines because of the increase in clamp loads. Another type is the Exedy cerametallic clutch which is crafted to handle the abuse of high power modified engines. And then there's also the Exedy hyper carbon clutch which was specifically designed to deliver high burst strength and torque transferring capabilities that's expected in a performance clutch.

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