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Diagnosing engine problems is one of the most important facets of automotive maintenance and repair, and you can perform this task quickly and much more efficiently if you have the proper tools and equipment. Scan tools and other test equipment are great companions for any diagnostic task, so make sure you have one for common tasks you perform on your car. When it comes to top-of-the-line automotive gauges, tachometers, and testing equipment, one brand you can always count on is Equus.

Innovation is the biggest driving force for the various Equus products out on the market. Backed by ASE-certified techs that both design the products and account for technical assistance, users of these diagnostic tools really get their money's worth. The company even has a dedicated research and development firm to create state-of-the-art tools and equipment. This is how consumers can rest assured that they're getting only the best in terms of technology, engineering, and quality. When maintenance becomes a breeze to perform, your car will be at peak performance levels at all times.

Equus scan tools connect to vehicle On-board Diagnostics or OBD-II sockets and helps you decode the issues as indicated by the check engine light. The tool is automatically refreshed and updated every 30 seconds as long as it's connected to the car. Each one sports a patented screen on a LED display where you can perform an emissions check as well. These are excellent for entry-level DIY efforts and should be useful for beginners learning the ropes of auto repair and maintenance. In addition, the scan tools are also covered by limited warranties from Equus itself.

If you want to make engine diagnosis faster, easier, more convenient, and more accurate, you won't go wrong if you choose an Equus product. You can find some options over at our online catalog, each one available at wallet-friendly rates to help you maximize your savings and get more value out of every dollar you shell out. You also have a choice as to the particular delivery option you would like. If anything goes wrong in your car, you never have to worry because Parts Train has all of your automotive part needs covered.