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Global warming is a serious issue and a concern of everyone. Pollution particularly, harmful air pollution is one of the major threats to the earth's ozone of which vehicles are among the main contributors. Fortunately, there are manufacturers like Emico that specializes in the production of catalytic converters. These are components that control the harmful emissions produced by vehicles. But before the invention of catalytic converters, the exhaust systems of various vehicles released to the atmosphere a high level of carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and hydrocarbons that have resulted to the deterioration of the air quality and have caused the depletion of the ozone. Thanks to manufacturers like Emico air pollution has been minimized.

Emico designs, manufactures, and distributes automotive catalytic converters, fabricated metal products, and exhaust systems. Their main expertise includes metal forming, fabricating, and welding of stainless steel. The system that they follow in the production of their catalytic converter and exhaust system products is 100 percent in conformity with the automotive OEM requirements. Their state-of-the-art production facility that measures 12,000 sq. ft. has the capacity to produce small quantities of prototype parts and has the power to handle up to several thousands of production runs per day. This facility is equipped with robotized welding equipment to ensure efficient and fast turnaround time.

The quality of Emico's operations is at par with that of an automotive OEM supplier. Their product lineup includes high quality automotive catalytic converters for imported cars with main focus on replacement parts. They specialize in Audi, VW, Honda, Mazda, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, and other brands. They also produce OE downpipes as well as other car exhaust system parts. Emico is also the supplier of welded auto parts for OE customers like GM and Daimler Chrysler. In terms of quality, Emico's range of catalytic converters, exhaust systems, downpipes and other fabricated metal products are ISO certified. This is an indication of the company's commitment to quality and seamless product development.

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