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Despite the tight competition between auto parts manufacturers, the criteria for differentiating one brand from the other is still based on quality. This has been the deciding factor ever since and would still be for years to come. Elwis Royal, renowned worldwide for their high quality gasket products, is one of those very few fortunate auto manufacturers that are able to thrive through the years in spite of the growing competition.

Elwis Royal has started in Copenhagen, Denmark in the year 1938 and through the years it has remained to be the leading Scandinavian gasket manufacturer. It's a family owned company with Mr. Peter Lottrup as the current head. They have two main divisions: the automotive aftermarket division and the industrial division. The automotive division has over 4,000 different types of gaskets and more than 1,000 tailor-made gaskets for the automotive aftermarket. Their gaskets are designed to cover both European as well as Japanese car makes. This manufacturer is also one of the highly trusted and leading independent suppliers for both European and US aftermarkets.

The core mission of Elwis Royal is to "manufacture and supply the automotive aftermarket with gasket solutions that perform the same as the original parts". And true to their mission, they have a superb inventory of all types of gaskets and other sealing solutions. They cover every gasket requirements that customers have. Quality-wise, their gaskets are made to exceed the manufacturers' specifications in terms of tolerance to extreme temperature and wear performance. Their gaskets are manufactured basing on the approved standards such as DIN, DS, DVS, and others.

Elwis Royal's gasket products are certified category 2 of the BER "Matching quality spare parts". They are also using original gasket materials or equivalents in the production of their gaskets to retain quality in their gasket products. They also have a state-of-the-art facility that allows them the versatility to further improve their products and to come up with better sealing solutions that would answer more complex needs of their customers. And speaking of customer needs, there's a wide range of Elwis gasket products at Parts Train. Browse through Parts Train's online catalog to view the entire gasket collection.