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Every component that you have in your vehicle is designed to run within certain parameters. In terms of engines and motors, the crucial parameter that car owners need to be aware of, is the running temperature of their vehicles. They ought to know the optimal temperature that their engines and motors need to reach or should not exceed. Keeping a close track on the temperature is very important to prevent the engine from overheating and from turning the vehicle into an expensive piece of scrap. There are lots of temperature gauges, temperature change sensing devices, and other types of temperature monitors available in the market but those manufactured by ELTH are among the trusted products in the industry.

ELTH was founded in June of 1976. They specialized in temperature measuring and sensing components. They are the leading producer of liquid level sensing devices and blow molded parts. They supply various industries such as automotive, appliances, and other sectors. Their product portfolio for the automotive industry includes thermo switches for engine cooling fan, thermo switches for dashboard warning lights, thermo switches with sensor for dashboard warning indicators, heating elements on PTC basis, diesel fuel heaters, oil level sensors, coolant temperature sensor, windscreen, and headlamp washer systems, and many more.

ELTH has been in the business of producing temperature measuring devices for decades. Their long years of experience coupled with their state-of-the-art facility have enabled them to come up with noteworthy products that are designed to last for more years to come. The company is comprised of a dedicated team of highly skilled individuals that takes care of all the details involved in the manufacturing process. This same team ensures the quality of every product that comes out of their facility.

ELTH does not only focus on quality products but also in providing the best customer support that they can give. No wonder that they have remained steadfast for decades never failing to deliver premium quality products and services to their customers. You can view an entire collection of authentic ELTH products here at Parts Train. For more information, please call our customer support hotline.