Eibach Sway Bar & Accessories

Poor vehicle control and handling loss are among the common problems experienced by some drivers on and off the road. Specifically, these are hassles attributed to the suspension system, and there are specific problems that you will encounter when your auto suspension and its parts are damaged in any way. One of the more common problems is body roll, and this is commonly experienced when you maneuver through a sharp turn. So how do you solve this problem? Eibach has the solution – the Eibach sway bar!

Body roll occurs because of the unequal distribution of forces in your auto body whenever you turn in sharp bends. While you go through the bend, you and your auto, including its components, will be pulled towards the outside of the curve. The vehicle tires on the inside of the turn will have the tendency to lose their contact from the ground as they rise a little due to this. In common cases, you may experience loss in handling and control, poor traction, driving discomfort, and a scary and sick feeling. However, in worst instances, this can spell a serious accident as your vehicle may flip over as the tires completely lose contact with the ground, depending on the magnitude of the forces involved. The Eibach sway bar is designed to eliminate body rolls, keeping your auto as flat and level, and keeping the tires hugging the road as you drive through bends and curves. This is done by evenly distributing the forces throughout your vehicle body, giving you not only a more comfortable but a safer drive.

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