Eibach Lowering Kit & Accessories

Why are so many performance drivers getting crazy about lowering kits? Well, there are many answers to be sure, but there are three foremost reasons that stand out among the many – hotter looks, safer driving, and a more comfortable ride. If you want to experience all these, and more, take a look at the Eibach lowering kit!

While the appearance of your make and model can be easily customized, do you know that there is also such thing as performance customization? There is! One way to have this is to have some upgrades and little additions here and there in your auto suspension. The lowering kit from Eibach is one product designed for this. What do you get when you lower your auto? For one, you will have a lowered center of gravity, and this can bring a lot of benefits – more driving stability, reduced body rolls when maneuvering through corners and bends, no more nose diving when braking, and saying goodbye to acceleration squat. Overall, these mean two things: a more enjoyable drive rid of discomforts and inconveniences, and a safer ride without the risks of accidents caused by control loss and poor handling. And if you think that is all, not yet! Lowering your auto will hide your lousy wheel wells, showcasing only the tires and giving you a hot look to go with the hot performance! Well, isn't that a complete package upgrade?

Why wait? You can have the Eibach lowering kit now when you scan our catalog here at Parts Train. And, we offer other Eibach parts and accessories to go with your lowering kit! All you need to do is to click on our site, browse our selection, and then take your pick! And if you have concerns, you can talk to our customer service representatives toll-free. They will be available to help you.