Eibach Coil Springs & Accessories

Install Eibach coil springs now and experience a newer and a more exciting level of vehicle handling. The Eibach coil springs are designed to give you a smoother and a more responsive suspension. Eibach is known in the manufacture of suspension components, and each of its products is designed to suit specific vehicle makes and models. Popular for durability and quality, each Eibach part is guaranteed to give you optimum control.

Eibach offers specially-designed springs. Its lowering springs are capable of giving your auto a drop from 1' to 2-1/4' that will be translated to a steadier cornering and a more solid handling feel. The Eibach sportsline springs are designed to lower your vehicle's center of gravity and reduce nose diving and body rolls, with its promise to give you a drop of up to 2.3'. With all these, you are guaranteed to get a racing feel that is coupled with a racing look. Your upgraded rims and tires will surely be highlighted once your auto gets the drop that it deserves. With Eibach coil springs, you will actually get three enticing benefits – driving appeal, driving convenience, and driving safety. There are only a very few products which offer all these in one package, and it is just good that Eibach is here.

And while Eibach is dedicated to giving you premium suspension parts, Parts Train is devoted to helping you easily find high quality auto parts and accessories that you can rely on. We carry various products from the leading names in the industry, and we have superior Eibach coil springs for you. Click on our online site and scan our pages to find what you need. And in case of any problem or concern, you may call us toll-free. We have customer service representatives who will answer your questions and help you with all your shopping needs.