Eibach Coil Overs & Accessories

The shock absorber is a fundamental component of the suspension system. It is basically designed to smoothen an abrupt shock caused by a bump. A typical shock absorber has three tasks: to stabilize your drive regardless of the terrain, to regulate the sway of your vehicle's body, and to lessen the chances of tire tread. The shocks have to be able to accomplish all these tasks to provide a comfortable and safe ride. The failure of even one shock will affect the entire performance of the suspension system. The suspension is a team composed of springs, linkages, and shock absorbers. You need to have a backup when one of the shocks fails. Seek out for a substitute that fully complies with the specifications set to your vehicle. This is important to ensure the harmonious performance of the suspension components. Eibach, one of the leading developers of performance parts, offers high performance shock absorbers. The Eibach coil overs are pro-street shock absorbers that bring the performance of the suspension into a higher caliber.

Eibach uses stainless steel technology in developing the coil over shock absorbers, thus making sure that the shocks will last for a longer time. The Eibach coil overs were painstakingly designed to ensure great performance. Their main goal is to offer a comfortable, safe, and fun driving experience no matter how rough the road is. Nevertheless, keep in mind to take very good care of the suspension components through regular maintenance. Doing this will definitely prolong the efficiency of your vehicle.

Maximize the use of your auto with the Eibach's new breed of shocks, the coil overs. The Eibach coil overs are high performance shocks which can be acquired in a set of 4. Parts Train tenders top-of-the-line coil overs from Eibach which you can get at a lower cost.