Eibach Car Parts & Accessories

Eibach sticks to their tag line – The will to win. True enough, Eibach engaged and succeeded in numerous auto and motor sport racing competitions worldwide. Heinrich Eibach was the foremost founder of the Eibach Group and now, it is respectively handled by his son and grandson Wilfried and Ralph Heinrich Eibach. It has gone a long way since it has produced springs that are intended for industrial application.

Now, it is one of the leading companies sought for its highly efficient spring and suspension innovation in the automotive business. The company is commended for its technological advancements in the field of automotive. Moreover, Eibach does not only concentrate in manufacturing suspension system but it likewise dedicates its potentials to the innovation of performance and great looking products.

Eibach's engagement and extensive experience in the field of racing, like in Formula 1 and NASCAR, makes it more aware of the appropriate quality of springs and suspension system, which should be provided for specific applications. The suspension system is one of the several systems within the vehicle mechanism. It contributes to the car's handling and braking for a pleasurable drive and it keeps the passengers free from bumps, vibration and road noise. Without it, the vehicle will not be able to get in proper contact with the road and you will end up having a bouncy ride. Fortunately, Eibach is here to help you to have a comfortable ride with the very efficient Eibach spring and suspension system.

From its first existence in the car parts industry until now, Eibach remains as one of the worlds's most trusted provider of top quality products. The company achieved the premier quality requirement worldwide. It was also given the ISO/TS 16949 license. The company is fulfilling the standard and requirement that it has to meet such as the logistics and document management, statistical controls, dynamic life cycle tests, test drives, manufacturing, engineering, product development. All of these are promoted by Eibach to continue its commitment to its clients. Should you need to acquire your Eibach car products, log on to Partstrain.com and avail of our top-quality Eibach products.