Egelhof Car Parts & Accessories

Whether it's in the cabin cooling assembly or cabin heating system in your vehicle, operating efficiency lies greatly on the pressure of the elements that conduct the heating or the cooling, which is the refrigerant. That pressure determines temperature, and it is temperature which the heating and ventilating systems aim to control to ensure that you'll remain comfortable in your drives. And when it comes to pressure and temperature control, there's one manufacturer that you can rely on: Egelhof.

The company is a leading manufacturer of expansion valves, the AC valves that control the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator. By providing pressure control, the valves are able to keep the correct temperature of the evaporator coils, thereby maintaining their ability to absorb heat from the vehicle cabin, for dissipation to the outside environment later on. Egelhof is always a step ahead of the competition, thanks to its wide range of research and development partners.

The company employs a wide range of processes and introduces a lot of innovations in the manufacture of its parts. Now, it offers products compatible with the newer, environment-friendly refrigerants as a support to the green campaign. And to guarantee the quality of all Egelhof parts, the company also uses different simulation and testing techniques on all its products. These include leakage testing and corrosion tests. The parts are also subjected to temperature furnaces and thermal shock chambers to guarantee that they're up to par. All these are done to ensure that all the parts released by the brand will be able to withstand all that they have to face in the real world.

After all that the parts have gone through, they are then offered in the market through a wide range of local stores and online auto parts shops. Parts Train is one of the trusted distributors of Egelhof parts today. We offer the parts from the brand at very affordable prices, and we also ship them fast to our consumers without the long wait. If you need any part from the company, or from other manufacturers for that matter, don't hesitate to browse our selection to find what you need. With the great shopping experience that we offer and the good quality of our products, you'll surely turn to us the next time you need another replacement car part.