Edge Car Parts & Accessories

Are you in need of well-performing, top-quality and reliable aftermarket components for your most recent pick-up truck? Edge is the solution to your problem. Its years in the industry gives Edge the chance to produce and manufacture premium quality products, which will be the answer to the demands of countless vehicle aficionados worldwide. Edge provides you with wide-ranging options of modules and programmers that will enhance the overall performance of your car and give you comfortable driving experience.

The products manufactured by Edge are truly well crafted with the use of modern style and design, advance and reliable materials, thorough manufacturing strategies and firm quality control methods. Edge products are mainly electronic enhancement products for the rapidly increasing diesel-powered pick-up market. Although the company began with a limited capability, the demand for its products grew larger as years go by.

This demand made the company relocate from its previous location to its new site, which is twice the size of its former facility. Edge proved to be one of the top electronic companies, which produces car equipment for monitoring RPM, turbo boost pressure as well as fueling and timing parameters. The innovations brought by Edge are intended to enhance your vehicle's efficiency such as the drivability, horsepower, mileage and torque, while offering leveled power curves.

Edge products provide the module and programmers for top pick-up manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford. It sets apart its company from its top competitors by its viewpoint that all of its products must to be installed in the vehicle and the user must experience utmost adjustability improved with time data to supervise the vehicle performance while it is running on the road. Edge ensures you of high quality and best products in the car parts market at the most reasonable prices ever. Whenever you need the Edge products for your Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge pick-up, come to Partstrain and get our Edge products to modify your vehicle at its best. With your Edge products, you will surely benefit from its quality, durability and longevity.