Edelbrock Y Pipe & Accessories

The exhaust system is considered as the key to an improved engine performance, and it plays a tough function in your vehicle. What is an exhaust system? The exhaust system is the assembly that handles the discharge of the burnt gases from the engine. How does this affect the engine performance? Before the burnt gases are discharged into the open, they have to go through a series of pipes. And since the gases freshly came from the engine, they are very hot. When these gases are not easily removed because of backpressure, they will suffocate the engine and keep it from performing well. Backpressure is the increase of pressure in the crankcase. It is one of the major causes of poor engine performance. Now, how does the exhaust system help? The exhaust assembly helps through its proficiently-designed exhaust pipes that allow for a smoother gas flow. In fact, the efficiency of the exhaust largely relies on the design of its pipes. Exhaust pipes have different forms, such as the y pipe that takes a y shape. The y pipe is a pipe that unites two passages into one. If you want to achieve optimal engine performance, choose the y pipe from Edelbrock. The Edelbrock y pipe is a 16-gauge mandrel-bent tubing that will definitely give a boost to your drive.

The design of the y pipe provides smoother passage to the burnt gases. When the flow is smoother, all the gases from the engine are effectively discharged with reduce engine backpressure. As a result, the engine is able to produce larger power output, and a large power output is equivalent to an optimum vehicle performance.

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