Edelbrock Valve Covers & Accessories

The valve train is a vital component of every vehicle. It is where the basic mechanisms for controlling the function of the valves can be found. This includes the push rods, rocker arms, valve springs, cam, and lifter. Since the train has to be protected against harsh factors, a valve cover is utilized. The valve cover shields the valve train against various damaging elements. Another use of the valve cover is the prevention of leaks. Oil can seep out of the cover once it gets loose. Oil is used in the rocker arm as a lubricant to provide a friction-free operation. Oil-tight valve covers are extremely needed to sustain the normal operating condition of the valve train components. During inspections, it is of utmost importance to check the condition of the valve cover. Never ignore flaws on the cover because of the serious problem that this can cause. Remove your auto's damaged valve cover and install the latest valve cover from Edelbrock. The Edelbrock valve cover provides a customized under-the-hood look. It is made from a lightweight but an extremely tough material for improved dependability and durability.

The easiest way to detect if the valve cover is leaking is by pressing the valve cover gasket. Once the lubricant leaks, it can go down to the engine, which is a very inappropriate place for it to be. The best option to help you solve this kind of problem is a new valve cover. Edelbrock offers a wide array of valve covers. The Edelbrock valve covers are designed to securely cover the valve train and to enhance the appearance of your auto under the hood.

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