Edelbrock Turbocharger & Accessories

The supercharger or widely known as the turbocharger has the capacity to boost the engine's power to up to 40%. The turbocharger is a mechanism driven by exhaust gases. Power is achieved when the compressed air is pushed inside the combustion chambers, thus more can be burned. And if there is more fuel to be burned, the larger the power output is. The turbocharger is composed of a compressor and a turbine. The mission of the turbocharger begins when the turbine inlet obtains exhaust gases coming from the exhaust manifold which triggers the wheel of the turbine to spin. The spinning movement of the turbine wheel drives the compressor, the mechanism that compresses the exhaust gases and sends these gases right into the engine's air intake assembly. The turbocharger may have a very complex role. However, if it successfully accomplishes its task, there will be a larger power output. The larger the power output, the more the possibility for an optimal driving performance. Switch to the Edelbrock turbocharger for a great boost in your drive.

The Performer X Series turbocharger from Edelbrock is a complete kit that provides a racing level performance. It is composed of a GT28R ball bearing turbo, a massive intercooler, a tial blow-off valve, an intake, and an exhaust manifold. Also included are ceramic-coated pipings, pre-assembled oil and fuel lines, a gauge, and a pod. Edelbrock is definitely the best when it comes to performance upgrades. So, if you are planning to upgrade the performance of your ride, opt for the Edelbrock turbocharger.

The turbocharger developed by Edelbrock is particularly designed to adeptly boost the engine's power-producing capacity. Get hold of the Edelbrock turbocharger that comes at an affordable price at Parts Train. Take a tour of Parts Train for an extensive line of Edelbrock auto parts and auto accessories.