Edelbrock Timing Chain & Accessories

The engine is an extremely complex mechanism. It is composed of various components, which include the crankshaft and the camshaft. The crankshaft and the camshaft have a very crucial role in the entire engine operation. Without these two, the engine will be unable to carry out its task. The crankshaft has to have a coordinated movement with the camshaft to sustain the engine's normal operating condition. In order to achieve this, a timing chain is used. The timing chain, or most commonly known as the timing belt, synchronizes the movement of the crank and the cam. The chain runs the crank and the cam all at once. In order for the crank and the cam to fully operate, the chain has to be in perfect shape. A weakening timing chain may result to engine problems. To prevent further damages to the engine, the use of the damaged chain should be stopped. It has to be replaced. The appropriate replacement is the timing chain that provides firmer grip to the crank and the cam. To end your worries, Edelbrock brings to you the Edelbrock timing chain.

The timing chain developed by Edelbrock has a more rigid composition. State-of-the-art facilities were used in the production, which resulted to the accuracy of its design. The Edelbrock timing chain has bushing chain rolls that minimize the loosening of the chain. Throughout the years of developing ways to upgrade the performance of vehicles, Edelbrock has finally discovered another way, and that is through the timing chain. Since the chain runs the two most important engine components, it always has to be in perfect form. When it gets badly broken, seek out for a replacement.

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