Edelbrock Subframe Connectors & Accessories

You can optimize the performance of your vehicle with various methods. Improving the engine is most likely one of them. However, do you ever realize that your auto's chassis has a huge effect in your driving performance? The chassis is the frame wherein the running gears are mounted. It literally holds the keys to your vehicle's optimal performance. And just like any other auto part, the chassis is susceptible to flexing. During stiff cornering and acceleration, the chassis flexes. This flex affects its capacity to hold the integral parts such as the suspension, driveshaft, transmission, and differential. The chassis needs the help of subframe connectors to connect the front subframe to the trailing arm mounts on the rear suspension. For high performance subframe connectors, choose Edelbrock. The Edelbrock subframe connectors effectively enhance traction and handling. They are also designed to maintain ground clearance. The subframe connectors from Edelbrock are probably the best thing that could happen to your automobile's chassis.

The rigidity of the chassis is the basic necessity for superb handling. The use of subframe connectors to connect the front and rear subframes will result to a highly resistant chassis. The chassis has to be very rigid to sustain the performance of the integral parts mounted to it. The Edelbrock subframe connectors will not only enhance handling and traction, but as well as the weight transfer. They come in a black powder-coat polish and feature laser-cut end brackets. No other subframe connector can perform as good as the subframe connectors of Edelbrock.

Draw out the best performance from your vehicle by enhancing the rigidity of its chassis through the Edelbrock subframe connectors. The subframe connectors are crafted to provide superb handling. Parts Train, in alliance with Edelbrock, provides an extensive selection of Edelbrock parts and accessories, so shop with us for more!