Edelbrock Short Shifter & Accessories

The best thing about manual transmission vehicles is control. As the driver, manual transmission will give you full control over your auto, particularly when changing gears. When gear shifting, the gear shifter is the device employed. The shifter has to be durable for a proficient and smoother gear shifting. The Edelbrock short shifter is sure to give you ease and convenience while getting rid of the shift's height. The technology used by Edelbrock in developing its short shifter is so advanced that the shifter is able to reduce the distance journeyed between gears. Another breakthrough feature of this shifter is its ergonomically-designed built. It is crafted to provide you ease when reaching for the shifter and is formed using the finest materials. Its production also used state-of-the-art facilities for the precision of its design. So, you can be sure that the short shifter that comes from Edelbrock has quality, durability, and longevity, which are exactly what you need from a gear shifter.

So, are you having a hard time gear shifting? Maybe you are not comfortable with the gear shifter. Or maybe, the shifter does not meet your standards when it comes to gear shifting. With the Edelbrock short shifter, you will be able to enjoy driving, especially now that you have full control over your auto. The short shifter developed by Edelbrock is designed to provide ease and convenience. Plus, its design cuts off precious part when shifting from one gear to another, making it extremely efficient. Always expect the best from Edelbrock. Edelbrock is one of the leading performance auto parts manufacturers of today.

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