Edelbrock Shocks & Accessories

The suspension system of your vehicle plays a very crucial role to your handling and control, driving safety, and to your driving convenience. The suspension is responsible for the connection of the wheels to your auto body. It is made up of different suspension components which operate together to handle the road irregularities that your vehicle encounters as you drive. Among the primary suspension parts are the shocks, dampening devices that regulate the effect of bumps and too much movement to your automobile. If you are looking for premium shocks in your vehicle, better take a look at the Edelbrock shocks.

Shocks operate together with the coil springs. As your vehicle runs through unpaved roads and rough terrains, the wheels are subjected to up and down movements, causing disturbances and a certain loss in handling and control. If not regulated, the uncontrolled vehicle movements will cause a very bumpy and a somewhat dangerous drive. Because of this, the coil springs are installed to absorb these movements by compressing. However, as the springs absorb energy and compress, they will also have the tendency to rebound afterwards to release this energy, and this can be another source of unwanted movements. It is for this reason that the coil springs are partnered with the shocks or the shock absorbers. The shocks are designed to dissipate the energy released by the springs via hydraulic damping. Together, the shocks and the springs will be able to give you a smooth and a safe drive no matter how rough the terrain may get.

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