Edelbrock Push Rod Guide Plate & Accessories

The key to a great vehicle performance is the engine. But, do you know the key to enhance the engine's performance? There are actually a lot of them, so you really have different options. One of them is the valvetrain. The valvetrain is an assembly of mechanisms that handles the operation of the valves. The push rod is among the mechanisms included in the valvetrain. The push rod links the rocker arm and the lifter. In order for this rod to accomplish this, it requires the assistance of a guide plate. The guide plate has to be durable to sustain the push rod's usual operation. In the long run, however, the guide plate may also weaken, thus weakening the performance of the push rod in turn. When this happens, the operation of the entire valvetrain will be put to risk. To stop the destruction of the entire valvetrain, you need to remove the broken guide plate and put in a new one. There is an ideal replacement for you – the Edelbrock push rod guide plate. This will sustain the usual operation of the push rod and the entire valvetrain.

The failure of the guide plate will lead to the failure of the push rod. So without the guide plate, the push rods will be unable to link the rocker arm and the lifter. With the importance of the guide plate, you must be sure to take care of it. Checkups on the plate and the push rod are important in order to keep both of these devices in shape. And of course, when it comes to premium guide plates, always remember the name Edelbrock. Edelbrock produces top-of-the-line guide plates which are ideal replacements. The Edelbrock push rod guide plate is hardened for extraordinary strength and longevity.

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