Edelbrock Performance Package & Accessories

Do you want something complete to really ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle? Good thing there is Edelbrock. Edelbrock introduces the Edelbrock performance package. For performance enthusiasts like you, this is the perfect package that you have been waiting for. This package is composed of a dyno-matched cold air intake and a 4-inch exhaust system with a flash programmer. All that you need to upgrade the performance of your vehicle is in the performance package. Edelbrock knows the key to an improved engine performance. So, you are assured that each of the parts included in this package will improve the overall level of your drive.

The reason Edelbrock chose to include a cold air intake, exhaust system, and a flash programmer is the engine. In order to effectively enhance the performance of the engine, a fully functional air intake and exhaust system should be integrated. Since the air that enters the engine compartment is not always cool, an air intake system should be there. Before the air gets into the engine compartment, the cold air intake cools it down to increase the engine's power output. The exhaust system, on the other hand, is the main key in boosting the engine's performance. The exhaust system works by the removing all the burnt gases produced by the engine during combustion. Once all the gases are released, the engine can breather better and generate more power. The flash programmer has the capacity to increase horsepower to up to 380 and 660 lb ft of torque. Surely, there is nothing more you could wish for once the Edelbrock performance package has been installed in your auto.

If you crave for greater vehicle performance, the Edelbrock performance package is the key. Get it now at Parts Train and browse our selection of auto parts and accessories for more!