Edelbrock Panhard Rods & Accessories

The most common adversary of your vehicle's suspension is a rough terrain. This pushes the suspension to its limit. Edelbrock is familiar with this problem. That is the reason why it introduces the panhard rods. The Edelbrock panhard rods accurately put the rear end of your auto in proper position. The panhard rod provides superb handling and grip by properly positioning the axle beneath the chassis. Due to its advanced design, it allows the axle to operate without the use of bushings. Edelbrock has produced a breakthrough device that could elevate the automotive technology to another level. This rod significantly enhances the performance of the entire suspension. Its effect during sharp turns is remarkable that you will be able to optimize the use of your vehicle no matter what the driving conditions are.

The panhard rod by Edelbrock is made from MIG-welded tubing and is CNC-machined. This assures you that the rods are made of quality materials and are extremely resilient. Plus, they look real good and complement the appearance of their neighboring components. They come with the classic Edelbrock logo and a black powder coat finish. The rod is designed to be extremely resistant to twisting and bending, which is made possible by their incredibly resilient composition. Moreover, the superiority and accuracy of its design will guarantee that it will position the rear end of your vehicle correctly. In order to further enhance its performance, graphite/polyurethane bushings are also included into it. The Edelbrock panhard rods are the ultimate devices that will adeptly improve the performance of your vehicle suspension.

For a much comfortable and safe ride, your auto suspension should be equipped with the right components. Use the newest in suspension technology, the Edelbrock panhard rods. The panhard rods will provide better handling and traction than any other device. You will be able to get hold of these if you visit us at Parts Train.