Edelbrock Intercooler & Accessories

The heat generated by the engine can be so immense that the engine itself may begin to malfunction when exposed to so much of it. Engine overheating also affects the performance of its neighboring parts. There are actually different ways by which you can prevent engine damage due to heat buildup. Some upgrade their automobile's cooling system while others search for better ways to prevent overheating problems. An air cooler device will do. A great example is the intercooler. The intercooler is usually utilized in supercharged or turbocharged engines. Also called the charge air cooler, its job is to enhance the volumetric efficiency of the engine which is done by cooling the fuel/air mixture. The result is a power boost. The intercooler should be competent enough to cope up with the needs of the engine. Whether your vehicle has a large or a small engine, it is important to have an intercooler. If not for the intercooler, the engine might suddenly self-destruct. Edelbrock is the name to look for if you are in search of a premium intercooler. The Edelbrock intercooler is sure to power up your turbocharged or supercharged engine.

The key objective of an intercooler is to enhance the engine's volumetric efficiency. Volumetric efficiency is the ratio of the difference in amount of fuel/air mixture that enters and can enter under ideal circumstances. What the intercooler does is to decrease the charge in the air temperature and increase the amount of charge in the engine. The outcome is an improved reliability and power. The Edelbrock intercooler is the best intercooler designed to carry out each of these tasks effectively. For performance buffs, the intercooler from Edelbrock is the best way in boosting the engine's efficiency.

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