Edelbrock Intake Manifold Plenum & Accessories

The intake manifold takes care of the supply of fuel/air mixture to the engine. This mixture has to be successfully delivered into the cylinders for efficient combustion. The intake manifold is an assembly of various components that have a unified mission. The specific component of the manifold that restrains the fuel/air mixture is the plenum. The plenum is essentially a chamber which restrains the air under pressure. No other device is as efficient as the plenum when it comes to restraining the fuel/air mixture. It is efficiently designed for this purpose. Of course, auto manufacturers will not integrate a substandard device in their models. However, due to the pressure that it has to sustain, the plenum may also degenerate after a long time. When this happens, there is nothing else that you can do but to replace it. Look up for a replacement that fully complies with the standard of your vehicle so that the harmonious performance of the entire intake manifold will not be jeopardized. Opt for an Edelbrock intake manifold plenum. The plenum developed by Edelbrock was painstakingly designed for the improved intake manifold performance.

With the purpose of optimizing the operation of the intake manifold, Edelbrock has come up with the idea of developing a proficiently-designed plenum. The plenum is a crucial portion of the intake manifold because it has to contain the fuel/air mixture which is under pressure. The pressure of the mixture has to be sustained for efficiency. The Edelbrock intake manifold plenum is designed for this purpose. The plenum's design has been carefully engineered and assessed to bring out the intake manifold's best possible performance better than conventional plenums can.

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