Edelbrock Headers & Accessories

We know how it is: You'd like to replace your power-sapping stock intake manifolds with headers, but you just don't want to deal with all the emissions gear necessary to keep your car legal. Well Edelbrock headers give you what you're looking for. With their new tubular exhaust system, you can install Edelbrock headers on your late-model vehicle but still get AIR fittings, oxygen sensor fittings, and heat stove pipes included in stock locations. That makes installing Edelbrock headers a breeze, and you won't upset the emissions police either. If you're working in the tight engine bays of many modern vehicles, Edelbrock shorty headers can be the solution to your problem too. Designed as a direct replacement for factory manifolds, these compact Edelbrock headers fit right up to the factory exhaust flange for easy bolt-on horsepower. Either way you go, adding Edelbrock headers to your ride is sure to give you a boost in power and torque by freeing up your engine. There are Edelbrock headers made for many domestic and imported car applications, and Edelbrock truck headers for most popular truck and SUV models on the road today, so getting the right Edelbrock header is as easy as picking from our list. And when you order Edelbrock headers from us, low prices and fast shipping are part of the package.