Edelbrock Fuel Rail & Accessories

The EFI (electronic fuel injection) system is the latest engine technology that uses the concept of fuel metering. Fuel metering is the method of controlling the amount of fuel supplied to the engine. Before, carburetors were used wherein the amount of fuel varies depending on the auto's altering velocity and load. Carburetors were effective, but fuel injection systems are more efficient and versatile when it comes to adjusting the amount of fuel supply. This is accomplished with the use of fuel injectors. However, before the fuel gets into the injectors, it goes through a series of rails known as the fuel rail. The fuel rail is basically a pipe intended for the distribution of fuel to different injectors. It consists of a sequence of receptacles and inlet for an effective fuel distribution. Over time, the fuel rails may fail. And if this occurs, the operation of the fuel injection system will be highly affected. Since the fuel rail is the only channel where the fuel passes through, there is no other mode of fuel distribution accessible. So, you need to have a replacement to a broken fuel rail. The Edelbrock fuel rail is just the perfect alternative for your auto's previous rail.

In order for the entire fuel injection to perform well, there has to be a sufficient supply of fuel. The fuel rail serves as the fuel channel through which the fuel distributed to various injectors flow. The rail has to be made from a highly resilient material to securely contain the fuel. You obviously will not risk your vehicle with a leaking fuel rail, right? So if the fuel rail is broken, get a replacement. You do not have to worry because Edelbrock offers premium fuel rails.

The Edelbrock fuel rail is made of aluminum that has been CNC-machined for maximum efficiency. Acquire the best Edelbrock fuel rail only at Parts Train. Visit us and click on our catalog of Edelbrock auto parts.