Edelbrock Fuel Pump & Accessories

If you have added a high-performance carburetor or larger fuel injectors to you engine, you will not get the most use out of them until you upgrade your fuel pump. Our catalog has several versions of the Edelbrock fuel pump that will provide the amount of fuel your upgraded engine needs. The stock fuel pump is simply not intended to deliver the amount of fuel that is now needed, and if it does not fail, you will notice reduced performance. Installing the Edelbrock fuel pump will result in an immediate increase in power when used with the performance components. Before installing the Edelbrock fuel pump some basic safety precautions must be followed. Disconnect the battery, drain the fuel tank, support the vehicle on jack stands, and, finally, work outdoors away from sources of sparks. With the fuel tank secured on a jack, the tank straps can be removed, the tank can then be lowered to disconnect fuel and electrical connections, and finally the tank can be removed. With the tank in an open area, the old pump can be removed and the new Edelbrock fuel pump can be installed. Reverse the installation steps to put the vehicle back together. For carbureted vehicles, Edelbrock also offers several versions of the engine-mounted Edelbrock fuel pump that will feed the need of the high-powered carburetor. Both versions of the Edelbrock fuel pump are made with quality in mind and come with a full warranty from the manufacturer. With our easy ordering process and quick shipping, you will have your Edelbrock fuel pump very soon.